Using Extra Cards In Decks: Yes or No?

2 thoughts on “Using Extra Cards In Decks: Yes or No?”

  1. Great Article, I really enjoyed it! The Enchanted Lenormand also has 3 extra cards, a dark skinned man and woman, and a Diviner card which can be used to represent yourself as the diviner. It was the first lenormand deck I bought because I was drawn to the beautiful artwork. I found it a bit confusing to learn with though.

    I’ve since bought a copy of the original deck which I prefer to read with as it just has simple images. I was curious do you usually read with extra cards yourself?

    1. Hi Kelly,

      Occasionally, I do for my own personal readings, depending on what deck I am using and what the question is. I’m also happy to use the 36 cards though, and do think they basically cover everything. As you say, anything but simple decks can make the cards harder to learn than necessary.

      thanks for dropping by

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