Negative Lenormand Cards & Positive Ways To Handle Them

Negative cards, eh? Who needs ’em?

To follow on from the last point I made in my previous post, about “bad” readings, I wanted to give a little bit more advice about how you can deal positively and actively with those cards that generally seem to have a negative meaning when they come up in a spread.

One caveat here: obviously,  it depends which other cards they are paired with: if any of the cards I talk about below were paired with the Bouquet, Clover or Sun for instance, that would likely put an instant positive spin on their messages, depending on the card order. (For more on this and how it might impact the meanings, check out my posts about Card Combinations)

No, here I’m talking more about those cards that usually give you that sinking feeling when you see them come up in a spread; the kind where there’s no real sugar-coating about the message they’re giving you.

So which cards do I mean in particular, and what are the positive ways to deal with them or turn the negatives into positives if they come up in a spread?


The Snake

Lenormand Snake Card

Meaning: Problems, Negativity. No. Betrayals. Someone you can’t trust. Negative. Bad. Unpleasant.

Actions to Take: Prepare for the worst but hope for the best. Check and recheck plans. Read the small print. Follow your hunches. Be much more careful than usual. Don’t go blindly into something or just rely on luck and wishes. Expect problems and prepare for them. Steel and protect yourself. Make sure you have thought about, gone through and covered all bases. Be discerning and logical. Strengthen your boundaries.


The Cross

Lenormand Cross Card

Meaning: Troubles, burdens, heaviness, pressure, responsibility, depressed, loaded, guilt

Actions To Take: Assess the given situation for hidden pressures, overload, or strings. Look for support; a problem shared is a problem halved. Only take on what you are able to handle. Take problems or your responsibilities seriously, look carefully at problems. Are you taking on too much or being guilt-tripped? What might this situation tie you into and do you have the resources to handle it?



The Clouds

Lenormand Clouds Card

Meaning: Unclear, confusion, uncertainty. Overcast, murky, shady. Things being obscured, not what they seem, gaslighting.

Actions To Take: Get clarity. Watch out for hidden factors, vagueness or attempts to confuse. Check the small print. Clear your mind, get the details you need, pin them down. Take a step by step approach, analyse the situation carefully. Educate yourself, get all the information you need to resolve the problem.



The Coffin

Lenormand Coffin Card

Meaning: Endings, finality, loss, serious illness, depression, lack of energy, lowness

Actions To Take: Remember, endings are part of life. If something is coming to an end in a situation, what might you do to prepare for it? Make way for the new; clear the decks. Are you holding onto something that needs letting go of? Finish what you start. Find ways of bringing new life and energy into a situation. Accept that endings are natural and are often necessary for new things to come into your life.


The Mice

Lenormand Mice Card

Meaning: Worries, anxieties, undermining factors, niggles, stress, nervousness, small problems

Actions To Take: Deal with small problems before they become big ones; a stitch in time saves nine. If there’s something in the back of your mind niggling you or bugging you, check it out instead of ignoring it—it could well be your gut telling you something important needs to be addressed. Alternatively, is this a situation where you’re letting stress get the better of you, turning mountains into molehills? How might you better deal with the situation with a cooler head?


The Mountain

Lenormand Mountain Card

Meaning: Obstacles, problems, blocks, delays. Stop. Distance. Prevention. No.

Actions To Take:  Depending on the context, prepare for delays and obstacles. Anticipate and plan how you might address them. Don’t be too rigid; try and find alternatives. Or perhaps you need to slow something down a bit, put the brakes on? Might you need to put in a few boundaries, put your foot down, say no to something, distance yourself?



The Scythe

Lenormand Scythe Card

Meaning: Hurt, pain, suddenly, surgery, reduction, cut, accident

Actions To Take: Be extra careful and don’t take chances or short cuts. Expect the unexpected. Or do you need to be more decisive or cut something out of your life? Is there something painful going on that needs dealing with? Are you or someone else being hurtful? What might you do about that?




The Whip

Lenormand Whip Card

Meaning: Arguments, conflict, struggle, hardship, a hard time, competition

Actions To Take: Don’t expect plain sailing; prepare to work hard and have to make an effort. Anticipate problems and areas of conflict and how you might smooth them over or address things head-on. Make sure you have enough energy for any task ahead as it won’t be easy to achieve. Remember that hard work often brings its own rewards.



The Fox

Lenormand Fox Card

Meaning (When not in work context): Deception, sneakiness, cunning, theft, someone not to be trusted

Actions To Take: Keep a close eye on things, don’t be too trusting. Lock your doors, keep security tight. Use your brains, head over heart. Again, check the small print. Watch out for deceit,  someone trying to pull the wool over your eyes or taking advantage. Make sure you look out for number one. Stay smart; keep your wits about you.




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