Following The Trail: Using Lenormand To Unravel A Mystery

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    1. Thank you ? your information is very informative, it funny lately I have only been drawing 3 cards where I have always drawn 9 cards. While the 3 cards are good I have found like you said it’s not quite enough information. After reading this I will go back to my 9 card spread thank you ? ????

      1. No worries, Chrissie. Yes, quite a few other people have mentioned to me that they find the same thing. I always find myself wanting just that bit more… though I do pretty well with the 5-Card too.

  1. Hi there. How do you interpret Health messages from the Lenormand Cards? In the above example, you described heart health with the Hearts card. But I was wondering what about other vital organs such as eyes, brain, liver, skin etc? And which cards could represent diet/food/medications?

    1. Hi Nila,

      Thank you for your question. In short, I don’t.

      As a rule, unless a reading is specifically my own as in the case above, in which it very obviously could refer to a body part, I would never seek to interpret specific body-part or organ related Health messages from the cards, and there are very few cards that are that precise on this in any case. This is for both ethical & practical reasons as consequences of a misread can obviously be serious: any health issues or concerns need to be dealt with & diagnosed by medical professionals, not card readers.

      In wider, more general terms though, in the health context:
      The main health and vitality card is the Tree, of course. This represents energy, life-force.
      Physical strength, muscle, diet, weight etc is usually represented by the Bear
      Sport and exercise, physical vigour as well as sex is usually represented by the Whip
      Stress and depression are represented by the Mice and Cross cards respectively
      Surgery/dentistry would be represented by the Scythe
      Pregnancy-related issues etc by the Child card
      The Heart, cardio: the heart, obviously.
      Problems of all kinds are, as ever, represented by the Snake
      And the Lily can represent age

      Hope that helps answer your question. All best. Lozzy.

      1. Thank you for your reply, Lozzy! Yes, that’s a good point raised concerning the ethical and practical reasons. And thanks a heap for outlining the cards pertaining to health matters. 🙂

  2. Hello Lozzy: I’m from Argentina and I love your site and I learn a lot from it now I’m reading about 3×3 to learn it. Thank you.

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