5 Personal Development Exercises For Your Lenormand Journal

2 thoughts on “5 Personal Development Exercises For Your Lenormand Journal”

  1. Hello, Lozzy. Could you please explain the following, with an example: “In terms of steps, read in the usual way, but focus each of the meanings in the context of things that are actionable and the message of the cards rather than on telling your fortune”?

    How could we do that? Should we transform the meanings of the cards into verbs?

    1. Hi Guy,

      You can make some of them verbs, or you could just take a ‘message’ from the cards. For example, if you asked the cards simply for a piece of advice, and you got Dog Fish Birds (Friend, Cash/Business, Talk), you could read that as a suggestion to “Talk With A Friend About Cash or Your Business.” You can apply the essence of the cards to any context; it doesn’t have to be a future prediction. I give some more examples in the post A Quick Way To Get Advice From Your Lenormand Cards
      Hope that helps. Lozzy.

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