Your Lenormand Journal: 5 Exercises To Try

5 thoughts on “Your Lenormand Journal: 5 Exercises To Try”

  1. VanillaMoonLight

    This truly is a wonderful site. Thank you so much for all the work you’ve done and which is so helpful to us new Lenomaniacs! Wink. xx

  2. Thanks. I had a lady read regular cards for me decades ago, and it’s just recently I discovered “Anne V.” was reading Lenormand from the regular playing cards. As such, I’ve decided to give it a swing, because the late, great Anne V. was incredibly accurate about a lot of things nobody else could possibly know, what was happening at any given time, as well as future predictions. I’d say 90% of what she read came true. I’m starting to practice with greater focus in the past few days, and so far, it appears the cards are “talking” to me. For example, today’s three card spread was: Birds, Dog, Anchor, Lilies. I spent most of my day chattering to my best friends (two wiener dogs) until the furnace cleaner guy showed up to clean my chimney, furnace, dryer vents, etc. He was very old but still pretty spry for his age.

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