How Do I Know Which Lenormand Card Meaning Is Right?

4 thoughts on “How Do I Know Which Lenormand Card Meaning Is Right?”

  1. When I thought of bear and finances, instantly the term “bear market” sprsang to mind, which is the declining market, so in my opinion would be a negative card in the financial sense. Can you class the cards positive or negative in a reading at the same time? Or in general?

    1. Hi Annette. The Bear is actually a neutral card in Lenormand terms: there are others which almost always have positive or negative connotations, but the Bear isn’t one of them. You are right, though, in that you could use it to refer to a Bear market – but as with most Lenormand readings, this meaning would depend on both your question and your context. The underlying essence of the Bear card is power, strength and material security, hence its financial connotations in terms of wealth. Whether that is in a negative or positive light will largely depend on the surrounding cards and the context.

      For a guide to Positive, Negative and Neutral Lenormand card meanings, take a look at my post Positive and Negative Card Meanings: Answer Yes or No?

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