What’s Coming Up This Week – 16th February

Bit of a weird set of cards I pulled this morning to answer the question. At least we’re off the Book card for a bit, it seems!

What’s Coming Up For Me This Week?



Uncertainty – Ending – Significant/Fated – Woman – Social/Public

Once again, there are two ways to read this – one using the KEY as the, well, keycard, and the other using the WOMAN, representing me, as the keycard. I don’t think it makes a huge difference in this case, partly because of what the KEY itself represents – importance, significance, Fate. What the question was asking, in other words.

All we can say, because these are sitting to the left of the Woman card, is that these are circumstances in the background, moving out of the situation rather than ahead, and it is the Garden card that is ahead.

Central Cards:

Coffin-Key = Significant or Fated Ending

Key-Woman = Woman’s Fate, Woman’s Significance

Mirrored Cards:

Clouds-Garden = Public uncertainty or confusion, crowd, networking issues

Coffin-Woman = Depression, illness, or an ending for a woman

So something significant is due to end for me this week that’s connected with public uncertainty, a crowd or networking problems

Let’s take a look at all the cards concerned in more detail:

5-Card Chain

Clouds-Coffin = End of uncertainty, Clarity

Coffin-Key = Significant or important ending

Key-Woman = Woman’s fate, answer or significance

Woman-Garden = Public woman; sociable or social woman; group of women

I get a definitive answer which brings clarity about myself publicly or in public life

In more detail

Clouds-Coffin = End of uncertainty, Clarity

Clouds-Key = Significant Misunderstanding or Confusion

Clouds-Woman = Woman’s uncertainty or confusion

Clouds -Garden = Public or social confusion

A sense of clarity – my significant confusion or uncertainty over something connected to the public realm ends.

Coffin-Key = Significant or important ending

Coffin-Woman = Ending for a woman, something’s over

Coffin – Garden = Public ending, public event cancelled

The cancellation or ending of something public of mine

Key-Woman = Woman’s fate, answer or significance

Key-Garden = Public significance or answer

My public fate or an important answer.

Woman-Garden = Public woman; sociable or social woman; group of women

How I am socially or publicly

Initial Comments

I have had a lot going on recently with regard to social media and how I’m putting myself out there. (For example, me as a fiction author and me, Lozzy) And I have had some “answers” recently about a few things which have cleared up any incorrect notions I may have had about both which will allow me to focus more in future. I have a feeling that this is what this week’s reading is about. It doesn’t say a great deal about the future or how this “ending” will manifest in it. I guess this is for me to take control of myself.


I’m not really sure about this, even though the week has now finished. Yes, I did lots of social media things. But there wasn’t a “big ending” except of one of my books.

The only thing I would mention is that a friend and I visited a famous and very beautifully Gothic cemetery at the weekend and did a group tour (Highgate Cemetery in N. London, for any of you who know it. Victorian Gothic and built in the French “garden” style, so it would fit with the cards in the reading – and certainly the Coffin and Garden – in a very literal way. Full of history, famous people – and stories, of course. I used to live nearby but haven’t visited it for many years). It was anything but a cloudy day, though – beautifully sunny, in fact. It’s an incredible and very interesting place, and can highly recommend if you’re ever in the UK and visiting London. I did find out something about a famous female author interred there that took me aback – if you know anything about the history of the cemetery in the late 20th century, you’ll probably know what I’m referring to, but I didn’t realise the author’s tomb was one that was affected. Was very sad to find that out. Anyway, despite the glorious sunshine, and the generally positive aura, my friend felt absolutely ice-cold all the way round the cemetery. Something to that? Who knows…

Anyway, here’s a couple of pics.  (No, I’m not being a tourist guide, but y’know)

The Circle of Lebanon (left) – where I learned what I learned. And on the right, the resting place of Victorian London’s most celebrated bare-knuckle fighter Tom Sayers;  he was famous too for his faithful dog which led his funeral cortege and is, depicted on his gravestone.




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