How To Read Lenormand Card Combinations – the #1 Secret!

6 thoughts on “How To Read Lenormand Card Combinations – the #1 Secret!”

  1. Hi, can you help me to understand how read 3 cards together? I know when there’re 2 cards, the 1th is a noun and the 2nd is the adjective,so for example if there are mountain/ clouds/ child/ it’s right to read blockages, confusion (21+6) and an uncertain beginning(6+13)
    Thank u so much for your help! 🙂

    1. Hi Marika,
      No problem, happy to help. Say you have cards 1,2 and 3 in a line. You’d read them first individually (Card 1, Card 2, Card 3) and then all of them in pairs: Cards 1+2, Cards 2+3, then Cards 1+3. The first word in the pair is the main thing; the second describes it.

      So you have Mountain, Clouds, Child. That’d be: Blockage, Confusion, Young Person/Beginner
      Cards 1+2: Unclear or hidden blockage (or a blockage caused by uncertainty)
      Cards 2+3: Beginner or young person’s uncertainty
      Cards 1+3: Beginner or young person’s blockage

      Hope that helps!

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