How To Read Lenormand Card Combinations – the #1 Secret!

10 thoughts on “How To Read Lenormand Card Combinations – the #1 Secret!”

  1. Hi, can you help me to understand how read 3 cards together? I know when there’re 2 cards, the 1th is a noun and the 2nd is the adjective,so for example if there are mountain/ clouds/ child/ it’s right to read blockages, confusion (21+6) and an uncertain beginning(6+13)
    Thank u so much for your help! 🙂

    1. Hi Marika,
      No problem, happy to help. Say you have cards 1,2 and 3 in a line. You’d read them first individually (Card 1, Card 2, Card 3) and then all of them in pairs: Cards 1+2, Cards 2+3, then Cards 1+3. The first word in the pair is the main thing; the second describes it.

      So you have Mountain, Clouds, Child. That’d be: Blockage, Confusion, Young Person/Beginner
      Cards 1+2: Unclear or hidden blockage (or a blockage caused by uncertainty)
      Cards 2+3: Beginner or young person’s uncertainty
      Cards 1+3: Beginner or young person’s blockage

      Hope that helps!

      1. This is a great secret! I’ve read that another way of reading 3 cards is to read them as noun/subject, verb, and adverb/or adjective. What do you think of that alternative?

        1. Yes, you can definitely do that, and it’s a fun way of doing it, although some cards are more difficult to ‘verb’ than others. Also, sometimes you might miss a vital piece of information. I still prefer to focus on reading card pairs and then putting them together, as generally, I find that a more useful technique in bigger readings.

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  5. Hi Lozzy, just to understand what means the moon as last card.
    3 cards: Tree (5)- Book (26)-Moon (32)
    Healthy, Discovery, Emotion
    1+2= Discovery issues health?
    2+3=this discovery is not true, something imaginary?
    1+3= health ?!?
    Otherwise, the Tree if is not health what could be it?
    Thank you

    1. Hi Valeria.

      Well, it depends what your question was as you should apply the meanings to the situation but:

      Tree is health, wellbeing, energy, vitality, growth, sometimes spirituality. Book is yes, discovery but also knowledge and learning in general and secrets. The Moon is creativity, emotions, the psychic and also manifestation. You could make a discovery about your emotional or psychological health, or a spiritual one. 1+2 could be learning about your energy levels, or making a spiritual discovery, or even your learning branching out. You could make an emotional or psychic discovery – I wouldn’t say that the Lenormand Moon means ‘imaginary’ in the same way that it would in Tarot. It and the Book together like this suggest to me more of an intuitive, inner knowing. To me, this reading suggests something about your inner self, your inner wellbeing or spirituality more than your physical health.

      Hope that helps

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