What’s Coming Up This Week? 28th January

A productive week last week, although not easy. A number of things coming to fruition. Plus a huge piece of unexpected money luck, and a lovely and much-needed weekend with friends.

Here are the cards I’ve pulled for my week upcoming:




Key Card = HOUSE = home, domesticity, name


Central Cards

Tree-House = Home growth, domestic health, family health

House-Fox = “Work” house, working at home, house smarts, theft (I really hope not)


Rider-Sun = Success upcoming, success arrives

Tree – Fox = Work health, occupational health

Well, this looks positive, if not necessarily easy – I’m slightly uneasy about the Fox card, tbh, because of its association with theft and – in association with the house – burglary. My feeling is that it’s more about ‘hustle’ and survival in this case  with regard to my various projects and ‘domains’, the projects and plans I’ve been working diligently on in the last few months – there’s certainly a need for alertness, although both the Sun and the Tree are indicating positivity and growth. Just worth me keeping my wits about me, I’d say.


5-card Chain

Rider-Tree = Health arrives, growth upcoming, karma, spiritual arrival

Tree-House = Domestic growth, Home health, family health

House-Fox – Work house, domestic work

Fox-Sun – Successful work, successful employee, survival

Yep, it’s looking good – a continuation of what’s been happening with me in the last week or so, which has indeed had to be very Fox-like.

More Details

Rider-Tree = Health arrives, growth upcoming

Rider-House = Visitor, domestic arrival

Rider-Fox = Work arrives, smart visitor, hustle on the way

Rider-Sun = Successful news, success upcoming

Tree-House = Domestic growth, Home health

Tree-Fox = Work growth, work karma, occupational health

Tree-Sun = Successful growth, blossoming, life force, spring

House-Fox – Work house, working from home

House-Sun – Successful family, success or achievement at home

Fox-Sun – Successful work, survival, cunning


So a continuation of last week’s hard work really – it looks as if it will start bearing fruit.


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