What’s Coming Up This Week? 20th January 2019

So – quite a lot going on for me right now. Publishing the books shortly – terrifying – a number of projects and project streams on the go, and the year beginning to crank up.

Here are the cards that I drew this morning for my upcoming week.



Ordinarily, I would use the MICE card as the key card as it is at the centre of the reading. But I’ve discovered that if the signifier card of the Questioner appears even in a 5-card reading, you are likely to get a more accurate reading by using it as the key. In this case, the WOMAN card appears so I am going to use that as the Key card. The reading will still have the same ‘vibe’ – the cards are all the same after all – but it changes the angle a little bit.

Key card = WOMAN
“Central” Cards =

Mice-Woman-Bouquet =

Woman’s anxiety; positive or blessed woman

Nervousness, butterflies, anticipation


Sun-Bouquet = Lovely success

Crossroads-Woman = Woman’s choices or options

5-Card Chain

Here, I’m going to look at things slightly – but only slightly – differently to usual, and take the cards to the left of the Woman separately from the one to the right. Pretty much as I would for the significator row or column in a Grand Tableau, with the cards to the left representing the near past, and to the right, what is upcoming. So:

Past Influences

Sun-Crossroads-Mice-Woman =

Recent multiple or choice of successes; Anxious choices; Woman’s worries

More Detail

Sun-Crossroads = Multiple or choice of successes

Sun-Mice = Anxious success

Sun-Woman = Woman’s success

Crossroads-Mice = Anxious choices

Crossroads-Woman = Woman’s choices

Mice-Woman = Woman’s anxiety or worries

Upcoming Influences

Woman-Bouquet =

Pleasant, blessed or positive woman

I hope so! It’s been an odd week.


The week ended with a huge bit of unexpected luck after a situation where i was very definitely feeling anxiety. What a relief! So the reading was pretty accurate, I’d say.


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