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I honestly can’t bear to do any proper UK News predictions this week because I’m so bloody sick of Brexit.  (Check out my UK Grand Tableau 2019 though for a ton of detail about what the cards predict is ahead for the country)

I said a while back I’d do a reading on Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn to balance out the one I recently did on PM Theresa May.

(I’ll do some actual celebs at some point, I promise! Just experimenting…)

Anyway, here we are. A general 9-card spread, with The Man at the centre.

9-Card Spread – Jeremy Corbyn








House-Key-Child-Lily =

Significant House – Youth Importance – Elder/Young

Corbyn’s main fan-base is with younger people, though his ideas and image are old-school Labour, which appeals to older lefties disillusioned by the gloss of 90s Blairism and New Labour. At 69, Corbyn is not, obviously,  a young man. I’m not sure whether the House here refers to an actual House (e.g. the Houses of Parliament) or perhaps his “brand” (Home/Name) although he would of course shudder at the idea. It could just refer to his Party, the Labour party. Child-Lily together suggests an older young person. Corbyn does get a lot of criticism for his ‘student leftie thinking’ and not having moved on from the seventies, so it could be referring to that, but it could also refer to the mix of his support.

About Him/On His Mind

Mountain-House-Storks = A house block and a fresh start in the house.

If the House is Parliament, the fact that the Brexit vote on the PM’s deal is on Tuesday and Theresa May is predicted to lose it is significant. Corbyn  said on the BBC this morning that he may well table a vote of no confidence in the PM “soon” – suitably vague – which could trigger a General Election. Here he is in the Guardian talking about it

Corbyn in General At The Moment

Key-Man-Lily =  The fate or significance of this older man

Well, I think his importance – or not – certainly hangs in the balance this week, given the above. Will he end up becoming PM? Who knows. Brexit is complicated with Corbyn because deep-down, being old-Labour Eurosceptic, he’s a Brexiteer at heart. We’re in the most peculiar situation of having two leaders both having to ‘push’ the opposite side of their natural inclinations. He doesn’t want a second referendum – he wants out.

Additional Info

Dog-Child-Bouquet = Younger Support, Positive Young People. 

So this is Corbyn’s support base again. I’m not sure I’d equate Momentum and their antics with the Bouquet, really, but no doubt the support of the young has been extremely pleasant for him.

The Past

Mountain-Key-Dog = Significant block or delay, Support significant

This’ll be the last election, where Labour got a tremendous increase of support although ultimately, still lost. The government, however, ended up with a vastly reduced majority because of it.


House-Man-Child = The man’s house (Parliament, Party, brand); inexperienced or even childish man

I’m sorry, when I see the Man-Child combination, I inevitably just see – well, “man-child”. It’s true that at the moment Corbyn is being seen by the press etc as being pretty petulant, both on the BBC today and in the last few weeks with his “Stupid woman” (or was it not? I think it was) comment when being riled panto-style by Theresa May. At the same time, I don’t think Parliament itself is the most mature place. I don’t think within his own party still, Corbyn is really the leader most of his MPs want. He’s been an MP for many years but prior to his fluke leadership win, had always been a backbencher; he’s highly inexperienced in matters of state and spent most of the Labour years riling his own party. So…


Storks-Lily-Bouquet = Older man’s new start;  positive older person or maturity

Things ahead look positive for Corbyn, though. Will he start showing a wisdom and experience that appeals more to the public? The right-wing press, of course, hate him but, even as a left-winger myself, I can’t say I’ve ever been hugely impressed by him. He just came across as not having the skills, nous or strength for the job, although he’s got much better recently at dealing with the media. And we can hardly say that he hasn’t turned things on their head before. We’ll just have to see what happens.

Past To Future

Mountain-Man-Bouquet = Man’s block or delay, positive or blessed man

Dog-Man-Storks = Man’s support, New start for man

Again, this is looking pretty good for Corbyn overall. There’s a block – the Mountain – but the other cards are so positive, it looks like he’s going to get what he wants – and with a lot of support. Could this week in Parliament be his week?

We’ll see.


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