Weekly Reading w/c 26th November 18

If you’d like to see the update from last week’s cards, you can check out the original post here.

So for this week, I’ve pulled the following 5 cards:


Home – Significant – Work – Talk – Social/Network

Key card = FOX = Work/Survival
Centre Cards

Key-Fox = Work significance
Fox-Birds = Talking work, communication work, Twitter work


House-Garden = Networking hub, public home
Key-Birds = Talking importance; twitter key; discussion significance

Some significant work this week, around communication, possibly on Twitter, something to do with a “public home” (or perhaps website.)

5-Card Chain

House-Key = Home, significant place
Key-Fox = Work significance
Fox-Birds = Talking work, communication work
Birds-Garden = Networking discussions

In More Detail

House-Key = Home, significant place
House-Fox = Work home
House-Birds = Conversational home, meeting place
House-Garden = Networking hub, public ‘home’

Key-Fox = Work significance
Key-Birds = Talking importance, discussion significance, twitter key
Key-Garden = Public significance

Fox-Birds = Talking work, communication work
Fox-Garden = Public work; Networking work

Birds-Garden = Networking discussions

Initial comments

So it just looks like a worky-week really, perhaps with marketing on social media at the core. Let’s see.


Not a great deal to report, I’m afraid. I did do quite well on a new social media account I opened, but nothing really to write home about.

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