UK News w/c 13th October

Only one set for this week.

When I pulled the cards to answer the question “What will be in the news this week in the UK?” I got the following:

News Story  (no keycard)


Book- Heart-Clouds-Whip-Birds

Central Card: CLOUDS = confusion, uncertainty, murkiness
The cards one-by-one:

 Secret (Book); Love (Heart); Confusion (Clouds); Sex or Abuse (Whip); Talk (Birds)

It looks like this might be a sex scandal of some kind, or gossip about an affair. 

The centre of the reading:

Heart-Clouds = uncertain or unclear love

Clouds-Whip = sexual confusion, sexual obscuring, abusive gaslighting

 It’s seems to be either about an abusive love relationship, or some kind of sexual uncertainty


Book-Birds = Talk of a secret, gossip

Heart-Whip = Sexual romance, abusive love

It’s gossip or hearsay about a sexual relationship

The cards in pairs: 

Book-Heart =  Love secret, affair

Heart-Clouds = Hidden romance, obscured love

Clouds-Whip = Murkiness, gaslighting, sexual uncertainty

Whip-Birds = Talking about sex, verbal abuse

 The cards in more detail:

Book-Heart = Love secret

Book-Clouds = Hidden or murky secret

Book – Whip = Abuse secret, sex secret

Book-Birds = Talking about secret; gossip

A sex secret being gossiped about 

Heart-Clouds = Hidden love

Heart-Whip = Broken heart; sex

Heart-Birds = Relationship; love talk; talking about romance

A murky romance, probably sexual, and talk of it

Clouds-Whip – murkiness, gaslighting, sexual uncertainty

Clouds-Birds – Talking about murkiness

Sexual uncertainty or obscuring, talking about it

Whip-Birds – Talking about sex, verbal abuse


There will be gossip about a sex secret or hidden affair

initial comments

Sounds juicy! For once…

Interestingly enough, I’ve just become aware of a bit of gossip about a cabinet minister that seems to be doing the rounds on gossip sites and forums, although it’s not openly in the news. I won’t repeat the details, but it’s a minister who’s been in the news this week with one of their policies. The gossip does indeed involve private sexual assignations, sex talk and practices which would probably be verbalised – in UK nudge-nudge-wink-wink terms – as “filthy”. Quite funny if it is this.


The story I alluded to was indeed doing the rounds, but remained as gossip, so didn’t appear in the press.

What did though, contrary to a bit of juicy gossip, was a really nasty story about yet another sexual abuse ring of men abusing teenage girls, this time in Huddersfield, UK. Their trial came to an end and all were convicted.

I personally think the ‘feel’ of the reading fits more with the gossip story rather than this more serious case, but both have elements that fit.






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