Stars Card Combinations

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Lenormand Stars card combinations and possible interpretations:

Stars & Rider: Dreams fulfilled; arrival of success or fame; achievement

Stars & Clover: Amazing luck; lucky stars; happiness and success; prize win

Star & Ship: International fame; dream trip; foreign celeb; promising journey

Stars & House: Dream home; well-known family; famous house

Stars & Tree: Destiny; promising recovery

Stars & Clouds: Fantasies; illusions

Stars & Snake: Female sex-symbol; dreams betrayed

Stars & Coffin: End of hopes and dreams; hopes dashed

Stars & Bouquet: Award; good reputation; positive achievement; accolades; fame

Stars & Scythe: Swift action towards goals

Stars & Whip: Hard-working high achiever; diva; sportsperson

Stars & Birds            ; PR; networking; top-level talks

Stars & Child: Child star; spoilt child; successful beginner

Stars & Fox: Star employee; blagger; celeb promotion

Stars & Bear: Financial guru; investment goals; powerful celeb

Stars & Storks: Hopes of a new beginning; rising star

Stars & Dog: Best friends; famous friends;

Stars & Tower: A-list celeb; established star; reaching for the stars

Stars & Garden: Well-connected; national treasure; glittering party

Stars & Mountain: Blocked dreams; hard to reach goals

Stars & Crossroad: Choice of goals; successful choice

Stars & Mice: Stage fright; worries about reputation

Stars & Heart: Crush; object of affections

Stars & Ring: Excellent relationship; marriage hopes; contract goals

Stars & Book: Authors; characters; bestseller; hidden goals

Stars & Letter: Good news; positive reference; validation; certificate

Stars & Man: Male celeb; popular man; successful man

Stars & Woman: Female celeb; successful woman; popular woman

Stars & Lily: Late bloomer; older celeb

Stars & Sun: Huge success; big achievement; honour

Stars & Moon: Creative goals; fame; ideas

Stars & Key: Winner; “the one”; significant goals; destined fame

Stars & Fish: Successful entrepreneur; financial goals

Stars & Anchor: Established star; legendary

Stars & Cross: Fate; troubled celeb


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