Fox Card Combinations

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Lenormand Fox card combinations and possible meanings:

Fox & Rider: Job offer; door to door salesman; new employee

Fox & Clover: Chancer; opportunist; promotion; job opportunity;

Fox & Ship: Travel for work; overseas employee; travel employee

Fox & House: Homeworker; domestic worker; deceitful family member

Fox & Tree: Health-worker; doctor

Fox & Clouds: Job uncertainty; someone untrustworthy; deceitful employee

Fox & Snake: Con artist; betrayal; danger

Fox & Coffin: Job ends; loss of employment; mortician; undertaker

Fox & Bouquet: Beauty worker; pleasant job

Fox & Scythe: Redundancy; job loss; accident at work

Fox & Whip: Challenging job; hard time at work; training, coaching

Fox & Birds: Interview; speaking work; communications job; dishonest comms

Fox & Child: Job with children; new employee; cunning child

Fox & Bear: Financial job, accountancy; manager; theft

Fox & Stars: Star employee; astronaut; agent, PR

Fox & Storks: New job; job change

Fox & Dog: Colleagues; dishonest friend

Fox & Tower: Government worker; professions; lawyer; prison officer

Fox & Garden: Public sector worker; park worker; gardener; sociable work

Fox & Mountain: Unemployment; blocked work; mountaineer

Fox & Crossroad: Career choices; job options; smart decision

Fox & Mice: Work stress; job anxiety; job fears

Fox & Heart: Passionate work; romantic ‘player’

Fox & Ring: Contract work; job contract; dodgy contract

Fox & Book: Publisher; librarian; investigator; academic; teacher

Fox & Letter: Postal worker; writer; journalist; news of a job

Fox & Man: Male employee; conman

Fox & Woman: Female employee; conwoman

Fox & Lily: Mature employee; experienced worker

Fox & Sun: Successful job-hunt; successful employee

Fox & Moon: Creative work, arts worker; emotional job; psychic

Fox & Key: Important job; key employee

Fox & Fish: Freelancing/freelancer; business advisor

Fox & Anchor: Stable job; long-term employment

Fox & Cross: Depressing work; pressured job; charity work


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