Lozzy’s Lenormand Weekly Reading – 27/8/18

The cards I drew for myself for my Lenormand weekly reading this week – with no keycard chosen or “charged” – were as follows:

Ring – Clover – Storks -Man-House

I’m using the 5-card layout, as I didn’t want it too general, and wanted to get a bit of detail.

Since none of the cards represents me, but the first I drew was the Stork, I’m going to make the Storks the keycard, which represents some sort of change or fresh start.

Initial Interpretation

Ring + Clover: Lucky opportunity; stable growth

Clover + Storks: Improvements; positive changes

Storks + Man: Progressive man; someone moving forward

Man + House: Family man; homeowner; stable man

So it’s something to do with a progressive man moving forward with an opportunity?

More detail

Looking into this a little further:

Ring + Clover: Lucky opportunity; stable growth; chance payment

Ring + Storks: New payment; raise; increase; expansion

Ring + Man: Man’s payment; a man of his word; husband

Ring + House: House payment; home transaction


Clover + Storks: Improvements; positive changes

Clover + Man: Male opportunist; lucky man; positive thinker

Clover + House: Prosperous family; happy home


Storks + Man: Progressive man; someone moving forward

Storks + House: Moving or remaking; new family member


Initial comments:

I can’t immediately think of a clear answer for this. The male individual concerned could relate to a number of people. My father, who I’m currently staying with but can sometimes have a fractious relationship with, has begun the week in a very good mood. I was also contacted the other day by someone trying to get me interested in an opportunity, who very much sells himself as a ‘family man’ with an aura of positivity and is updating part of his website. Finally, I do something called “matched betting” (risk-free and low-risk way of taking advantage of online betting and casino offers) to make extra income; lots of the casinos (“the house” is another word for a casino remember) do have male names, so I wondered, mainly because of the Ring and Clover card’s appearances in this reading (and perhaps hopefulness on my part!!), if it might have something to do with that.

Let’s see. I’ll return to this reading at the end of the week, and give an update.


Funnily enough, the day after this reading, I did indeed make an extremely helpful and fluke amount of money (over £300) off an offer on a brand new game from a male-named casino – which was entirely down to chance on my part rather than design. I’ve still a couple of days to go before the week this reading refers to officially ends, but I have a strong feeling that this is indeed what it was about. It looks like that interpretation might’ve been gut instinct rather than just hope after all!

With the Ring interpreted as a payment or offer in this instance, and the House as a casino, here’s how it reads in full:

  • This reading is about something new (Storks)
  • The something new comes from a man or male name (Storks + Man)
  • It’s a new opportunity or bit of luck  (Clover + Storks)

So a new opportunity or bit of luck  from a man or someone with a male name.

  • It involves a lucky or chance payment or offer (Ring + Clover)
  • And a new payment or offer (Ring + Storks – if we pair these two)

A new lucky offer or fluke payment

  • The house of.a man/the “house” (casino has a man’s name (Man + House)
  • Something new from the “house” (Storks + House)

The male-named house provides something new

Finally, using the mirroring technique:

  • A payment or offer from the house (Ring + House)
  • An opportunist or lucky man (Clover + Man)

A payment or offer arrives from a lucky or opportunist man.

In short:

The week you get some luck  from a man or someone with a male name. A chance payment comes from a  “house” (casino) with a male name.

It seems appropriate to say – bingo.

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