House Card Combinations

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Lenormand House card combinations and possible meanings:

House & Rider: Visit; guest; guesthouse

House & Clover: Fortunate family; good location; nice place

House & Ship: Moving house; moving  away; houseboat; camper van

House & Tree: Health centre; spiritual home

House & Clouds: Domestic issues; problems at home;

House & Snake:  Abusive home or family; domestic arguments

House & Coffin:  Family death; house sale

House & Bouquet:  Lovely home; interior design; pleasant family

House & Scythe:  Separation, family split; sudden house sale

House & Whip:  Domestic quarrels; gym; bordello

House & Birds:  Domestic partners; housemates; meeting-house

House & Child:  Childhood home; starter home; cottage; family home

House & Fox:  Builder; homeworker;  agency; burglar

House & Bear: Investment property; wealthy or powerful family

House & Stars: Dream house; celebrity home; famous family

House & Storks: New home; moving house; house extension

House & Dog: Pets; friendly family; friend’s house; housemates

House & Tower:  Apartment building, tower block; housing association; estate agency

House & Garden: Big family; stately home; pub, cafe; theatre

House & Mountain: Blocked house-sale; ski resort; remote location

House & Crossroad:  Multiple homes; choice of houses

House & Mice:  Domestic worries; anxious move; worried family

House & Heart:  Loving home; family

House & Ring: Lease or contract signed; married home

House & Book: Publishing house; secret rooms; family secret; library

House & Letter:  Documents about house; deeds

House & Man:  Homeowner; landlord; man’s home

House & Woman: Homeowner; landlady; woman’s home

House & Lily:  Old or historic house; old people’s home

House & Sun: Success at home; high-achieving family

House & Moon:  Fantasy home; creative place; emotional family

House & Key:  Significant house; spiritual homecoming

House & Fish:  Home-based business; work from home; estate agent

House & Anchor:  Long-term security; committed family

House & Cross:  Church; house with negative history


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