16. Stars

Playing Card:   Six of Hearts

General (noun):  Hopes, Goals, Ambitions, Achievements, Celebrity, Fame, High-Flier, Dreams, Aspirations

General (adj): Ambitious, High-Flying, Top, Celebrity, Star, Popular, Well-Known, Achieving, Reaching

Love:     Wishes for true love, hopes and dreams, everything you ever wanted

Career:    Ambitions, goals, achievements, goal-setting, performance, high-fliers, star employees, astronauts, astronomy

People:  Star, celebrity, famous person, high-flier, alpha, high-achiever, diva, ambitious, hopeful

Timing:   Sixteen days, sixteenth of the month, at night


What are your hopes and dreams? Chart your ambitions and wishes; make a plan for how to get there, look for guidance. Believe in yourself and aim high.

Stars Card Combinations